10 Things I Learned in My 20s

I’m saying goodbye to a decade where I experienced intense periods of growth, some periods of self-doubt, but mostly periods of joy. A lot of it. The funny thing about growth and joy is that you don’t always realize you are basking in blessings, growing opportunities, and joy until you reflect. So, reflecting on my 20s is what I am doing today! 

Here are 10 Ways I’ve Grown Through my 20s:


1. I built up my strengths instead of masking my weaknesses. 

I’m good with people. I’m not great at tracking tons of “to-dos.” Instead of focusing on all my to-dos and abandoning my passion for people, I’ve worked to improve my communication skills even more (even done some public speaking!), and I have a professional help me track my to-dos. 

2. I found people who are honest with me. 

I have a check in with my boss twice a week and a regularly check in my with team here. We’ve worked to be candid with one another and communicate in a way to build each other up. This is largely what has made me successful and what will continue to make me successful in the future. 

3. I understand what I value.  

I have much more peace in my life now that I know what I value and in what order. 

4. I know to act like the person I want to become. 

If I want to be a great financial advisor, a great parent, a great friend, a great spouse… I know to act like one. Sometimes I need to take a moment to identify behaviors I want to have in my life. 

5. I invest in myself. 

Sure, I’ve invested money in my portfolio. I’ve also invested HOURS into growing my skills, network, knowledge, and certifications. I feel fully armed going into my 30s. 

6. I’ve learned that I truly belong. 

I’ve been transparent about my experience as a “young” advisor before. In the past, I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome and I’ve tried to mask my true gifting’s to be perceived more maturely. I’ve addressed this before in You can Question my Qualifications 

7. I learned integrity is EVERYTHING. 

I am being transparent here – it is easy to do the wrong thing in this industry. There are a lot of ways to cut corners in the name of profitability, efficiency, or ease. However, everything that is done in the dark will eventually come to light. Stay in the light. 

8. I take ownership. 

Over my years of working in financial planning, I have learned that people are generally ok with you making a mistake. Mistakes happen. We are human. What people do NOT accept is you shirking responsibility for that mistake and brushing it under the rug. Communicate the mistake, fix the mistake, and make a path forward to help you avoid that mistake again.   

9. A house built on solid rock stands. 

This one is more personal. In recent months, my husband had some significant health issues. At times, it put him on the sidelines. In addition, we had a toddler who wouldn’t sleep, a newborn, work backlog from maternity leave, a new job for Will… it was just, a lot. I took some turns being the “strong one” in our family. Other moments, I would be down and burnt out and Will would fill that role. And sometime, well, neither of us were strong.  

Thankfully, our foundation was. I’ve clearly seen how Christ being my cornerstone has kept me standing. And now, building. 

10. I was made to put order to chaos.  

I learned this one just yesterday from a fellow advisor and author, Tony Hixon.  

It’s my belief that we are made in God’s image. The same God who spoke into existence heaven and earth. He created order out of chaos, and I am meant to do the same. I am ordering chaos in my home and in my clients’ lives, and that chaos can be welcomed. 


Thank you to those who supported me in my 20s and during this last decade of my professional life. Onward to 30! 

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