About Jessica Hinks, CFP

I write to bring financial clarity for people just like you. 

Hi, I’m Jessica.

Maybe you came here to find an answer to a specific financial question. Did you search the internet for answers only to find complicated explanations that made no sense?

I know too many people who were misled by complex terminology and daunting solutions.

I love finance and believe its important for everyone to have a clear understanding and control of their financial situation. Organizing your finances is a vital part of self-care that is rarely discussed.

It is intimidating to deal with something you are not experienced in. If you are like me, you might avoid those unfamiliar situations altogether. Trust me, avoiding your finances is not in your best interest. 

I hope to equip you with knowledge and inspire you to tackle your financial issues. I want you to experience the peace and contentment that comes with financial security and clarity.

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Jessica’s Story

I grew up in small town Columbia City, Indiana where I loved sports and writing in my purple, daisy covered notebook. Language and literature classes were my favorite, and I muddled through math and science. Yes, I know, finance involves a lot of math.

Luckily, being a financial advisor also means sharing financial knowledge in down-to-earth ways – this part is my favorite!

I live in Findlay, Ohio with my husband, Will, who always keeps me laughing. We have a little girl who is simply magical. I love the outdoors whether I’m playing soccer, softball, disc golf, or just sitting in the sun. I’m obsessed with audiobooks, and I treasure downtime where I can read, watch my favorite shows, and explore new places with Will.

I have two sisters, great parents, and many many cousins. My family is big and so are their hearts.

I currently serve as a Senior Wealth Advisor at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, a fee-only wealth management firm that helps affluent individuals and families to steward generational wealth.

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