Change is Hard: My Movie Theatre Moment


You might recall from my last blog that a member of our team is retiring. And not just any member, but one of the firm’s founders, Adam Zuercher.

I’ve very much admired and appreciated the preparation, thoughtfulness, and steadiness of all involved in making this transition so smooth.

Witnessing this major transition reminded me of my “Movie Theatre Moment.”

We moved from Dayton to Findlay, Ohio in 2019. I left behind a job I was comfortable in, friends, and the first place my husband, Will, and I had called our home. As I generally do, I took it all in stride. I was not caught up in emotion and was making pragmatic decisions.

I was fine.

After a busy first week in Findlay, we thought we would relax by catching a movie.

We watched a Marvel movie… who knows which one. There were superheroes and explosions like most. After it concluded, we exited through the lobby talking and laughing – we were feeling great! We opened the door to the parking lot under the dark sky and our legs just froze. For a moment, we both entirely forgot where we were. We expected to walk out to the Dayton movie theatre’s parking lot, right next to the mall and Red Robins… and this was not that.

And right there in this foreign parking lot, it all hit me in one big wave. We didn’t live in Dayton anymore. We didn’t live anywhere. We didn’t even have a house. We were living in a hotel for a month. I had a new job that overwhelmed me with feelings of imposter syndrome, I had yet to make any friends, and we didn’t have a church. I had no idea how to even get to our hotel from the theatre without a GPS.

Then came the tears.

Change was hard. Change is hard. But change is sometimes oh so necessary.

With change comes growth.

With growth comes experience.

With experience comes opportunity to learn empathy for others.

Every day I see clients go through changes – and some of these changes are painful. Perhaps they were forced out of their company too soon, they lost a spouse, or a child headed off to college. Clients usually put on their “best self” when sitting across the table from me, so I don’t always get to see their Movie Theatre Moments. However, I know they come. They come quickly and slowly, both expectedly and unexpectedly, little by little and all at once.

Those Movie Theatre Moments help your new reality become real to you. For better or worse.

Know that your team at Hixon Zuercher is prepared to meet you in those moments. Because your wealth is not isolated – it’s integrated with your emotions, your dreams, your wins, and your losses.

 There is a box of tissues in our conference room for a reason, and we want you to use them. <3


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