One of the best compliments I received was someone describing me as consistent, stable, and dependable.

I am aware that those aren’t exactly exciting adjectives. The consistent and dependable person is generally a lot less glamorous that the person who is described with adjectives like genius, talented, or charismatic.

However, over the years, I have realized that what I might lack in raw talent or charisma, I can often make up for in hard work and perseverance. At least that is how I feel about this blog, The Everyday Advisor.

I may not be the most interesting or groundbreaking author, but I have loved showing up for readers every single week and promoting financial literacy and inspiration! It has been so much fun, and I am so thankful for the readers on this journey to better their financial lives with me!!

I want to commemorate the occasion of writing my first 50 blog posts!!

To reminisce, here are my top 10 favorite posts and what I loved about writing them. If there are any you missed, I hope this gives you the opportunity to go back and learn something new!

1) 4 Reasons Why You Should Use a 529 Account for Education Savings

The blog may or may not be one of my favorites because it features a picture of my cute little niece. 😊 It was also one of the first blogs I wrote!

2) Is the Stock Market Risky?

People regularly miss out on life-changing wealth because they are afraid of the stock market. I want everyone to know about the power and long-term safety of a diversified and consistent investment strategy.

3) You MUST Sell Your Favorite Stocks

I have strong opinions on this topic! I will preach about rebalancing from the rooftops. Also, I came up with a clever line that I am still quite proud of.

“Just like there are many other fish in the sea… there are many other tickers on the S&P.”

4) 8 Financial Topics to Address When You’re Getting Married

We all know that finances are a big stressor in many marriages. I love promoting financial organization, and I love promoting healthy marriages. I hope this blog helps people achieve both. <3

5) I Missed a Credit Card Payment!

I hate to say it, but financial advisors tend to battle hypocrisy… Not intentionally of course, but practicing what we preach can really be difficult! On one occasion, I failed to demonstrate financial organization, and I completely forgot to pay a credit card bill.

Credit score panic ensued.

6) The Financial Advisor Without a Budget

Remember what I said about hypocrisy?? Yeah, some of us don’t like to budget either…

7) 9 Must-Make Moves for College Students

I wrote this blog because I remember what it was like to be young and new to managing my own finances. Getting a credit card bill you don’t know what to do with is intimidating, to say the least.

8) The Big Question: When Can You Retire?

Isn’t this pretty much the question we all want to know? It is certainly the question I hear most often from clients. You will need to sharpen both your math and emotional skills when you read this blog.

9) COVID-19: How to Exercise Control During Periods of Uncertainty

This was my 2nd most popular blog post ever. The nation was starting to realize how serious this pandemic truly is… and how serious of an impact it would have on our lives.

Writing this blog gave me peace of mind, and I was told it did the same for many others.

10) Election Season: Should I Be Worried About My Stocks?

I hate when people are deceived by misinformation. The false relationship between the stock market and politics is one of the most prevalent lies Americans face today. I HAD to address it.


I learned and grew a lot over the period of writing 50 blog posts… and thank goodness I did! I am already looking forward to the growth that is sure to come from writing the next 50.

I’d love to hear which blogs were helpful to you. I would also love to hear about topics you want me to write about! Contact me and let me know. I love providing content you want to read!