A good financial advisor ensures her clients effectively use their resources. There are amazing and free resources available to us in Findlay, and they too often go unused!

These resources and organizations can enrich your life, provide you with free services, and promote continued education. Your return on investment is usually quite high. 😊

I have lived in Findlay for about a year and a half, and I have discovered SO MANY resources available to the community as a whole and to those with specific needs. I want to highlight a few of them, but I know there are other wonderful organizations and services I am not even mentioning.

Hancock County Library

As the wife of a former university library worker, I’ve become aware of the many services libraries provide! In addition to free books, magazines, newspapers, and internet usage, there are loads of other offerings for free family entertainment and education. Free crafts, Tiny Tunes, resume help, and even one-on-one computer training.

Note: I love audiobooks. I have also NEVER PAID FOR AN AUDIOBOOK!

How? I downloaded Libby. It’s a free app. You just to enter your library card info, and you can get access to loads of free audiobooks and digital books. You get them for a couple of weeks, just like a normal library book.

The titles available depend on your local library’s digital inventory. Some of my favorite audiobooks so far include:

    • “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan
    • “Reading People” by Anne Bogel
    •  “Atomic Habits” by James Clear
    • “My Morning Routine” by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander
    •  “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo
    •  “Food” by Jim Gaffighan (if you need a laugh)
    • “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris (based on a true account of a Holocaust survivor – WOW) 

Parks and Recreation

Findlay has many great parks and even a couple of FREE disc golf courses that provide hours of entertainment and exercise. Keep Active, Keep Healthy is on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the summer and requires no registration or cost. They have activities for all ages and abilities! Where the average gym membership costs $40-50/month… using the free fitness activities in your community can save you loads of money!

50 North

This facility has A LOT to offer: meals, a fitness center, Medicare presentations, legal aid, and more. I would certainly recommend some of these Medicare presentations for upcoming retirees.

Mazza Museum

There is an artist in my family, so the Mazza Museum has always interested me. They host free webinars with guest artists and Q&As. It’s such a unique offering! They also offer workshops for teachers and librarians to enhance their professional development.

Lifelong Learning Connections at the University of Findlay

These educational presentations are geared towards seniors who want to be lifelong learners! Presentations are given by doctors, professors, authors, and other guest speakers at very little cost. In fact, during 2020, these sessions are virtual and free!

Remember: You are NOT ready to retire until you have an idea of how you will productively use your time in retirement! Activities like this will provide mental and social enrichment without putting a lot of pressure on your portfolio. Read my thoughts on this topic HERE.


For community members with more specific needs, I would recommend these organizations:

– Unexpected Pregnancy: Women’s Resource Center

– Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis: Open Arms

– Securing Safe Shelter & Emergency Resources: Hope House & The City Mission


Findlay, Ohio is a treasure trove full of unique organizations, businesses, and shops. Keep exploring. There are so many resources available to our community, and we just need to take advantage of them!