This week’s blog is reminder to meet your own 2021 goals, a reflection of my own goals, and an announcement about The Everyday Advisor.

My encouragement to you: even though the year is coming to an end, there is still time to finish up some of your 2021 goals. Don’t wait until the new year to reflect on what you didn’t get done. Use these last couple of weeks of the year to make them happen!

So, what were your goals? If you used my guide on How to Set Realistic Financial Goals, you might have even saved a worksheet to refer back on.

Your goals should have revolved around three main questions:

1. What do I want to be known as?

2. How do I want to feel?

3. What do I want to have?

While I had many goals, some of my goals related to The Everyday Advisor were:

1. I want to be known as a successful advisor who cares about educating and empowering others.

2. I want to feel like what I write matters and really helps people live more fulfilled lives.

3. I want to have a site full of resources that anyone can use to make their financial lives better.

Checking in on goal #1, writing on The Everyday Advisor did allow me to be recognized as on Investopedia Top 100 Advisor in 2021. My efforts to be known as an advisor who cares about education were met… but always a work in progress!

For goal #2, I have received feedback from readers about how certain articles have made a difference to them and taught them something new. That really matters to me. I always want to feel like I am making even more of a difference, but I will take the small wins!

The goal that needs the most work is #3. I have a lot of blogs, but I want to build out more tools and forms of media people can use for their own personal financial growth and education. Not everyone responds well to 1,000 word blog posts. Some people might need graphics, videos, or worksheets to learn.

So, here is the announcement.

Starting in 2022, I am not writing an article every week on The Everyday Advisor. Don’t panic. I am still writing a fresh post every other week. I am going to use those empty weeks to come up with new ideas and create resources for you. I don’t know exactly what that is going to look like yet, but I am confident that with a few helpful suggestions from my readers, something great will come together. :)