This is my 99th blog on I could have waited to point this out until next week, when I hit the exciting 100 number. That might have been the more expected thing to do. Truth is, I have been avoiding writing my 100th blog. I feel like it must be a big, grand post that will be the pinnacle of my site and be my “best work.”

So, I’m taking the pressure off of myself by using my 99th blog as a way to commemorate the milestone instead. I’m nothing if not rational. 😉

I’m using this 99th blog to accomplish a few things:

1. Share my greatest blog-related accomplishments

2. Highlight my favorite pieces

3. Commit to writing many more

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Greatest Blog-Related Accomplishments

Victory #1: A few people have shared that reading one of my blogs finally helped them understand something. They are actually gaining knowledge and understanding how to apply that knowledge. Yesss!

Victory #2: I’ve had immense personal growth through blog writing. I’ve increased my own knowledge and communication abilities. Not only that, but I’ve also never missed a weekly post. This is largely thanks to 3 amazing interns (Mitch, Maddy, and Mackenzie) and a stellar editor (looking at you, Jenna!).

Victory #3: Being recognized as one of the Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisors of 2020 and 2021  was a big deal. As far as measurable accomplishments go, I’m so thankful and proud of what it took to get there!

Highlighting My Favorite Pieces

I already highlighted my favorite early blogs on my 50th post, so I will share some others and some more recent favorites here. These aren’t necessarily my “best” blogs – they are just ones that I had fun writing and hope you have fun reading!

#1: Why the Government Wants Inflation. Warning… this blog became a little outdated, so be sure to read my more recent post, Inflation: The Good, the Bad, and The Dangerous, afterwards.

#2: Turning Passive Aggressive into Passionately Aggressive. Warning – I have opinions!

#3: How to Hack Stock Market Volatility. Learn about the secret to building wealth… dollar-cost averaging!

#4: People Don’t Care About Investing. A good reminder for financial advisors that you shouldn’t take the investment advice part of your job too seriously… because it doesn’t matter as much as you think.

#5: I’m a Dave Ramsey Fan…  But… I don’t openly disagree with a lot of people, but I felt I had to state some complaints.

#6: My Baby Prep Journals! This 3-part series is a personal favorite for obvious reasons. <3

#7: 6 Investing Mistakes I Bet You’ve Made. I finally delved into some behavioral finance and called out common mistakes I see (and that I have made too!).

Committing to Writing More

The future is unknown, so I don’t like making promises. However, I know that I have loved this journey of enhancing financial literacy! Every week, I learn something new while I write a blog. It has helped me become a better, more informed, and more communicative financial advisor.

So, I am committed to continuing this journey for the benefit of my readers… and honestly, myself!


We will see what I come up with for the big 100th blog… maybe I will just skip to 101. 😊