Little girls often think that their dad is the strongest, bravest person in the world. In my case, I am certain it’s true. My dad is an example of hard work and faith. As an expecting parent, I am realizing that is about all you can do!

I hope you can appreciate and reflect on these thoughtful words from my father:

1. What is your favorite part about being a dad?

There are so many things. Coming home to 6 little arms hanging on to me. Uplifting my spirits by thinking that I was more powerful than Superman. Watching them grow up to be the most amazing daughters that a dad can ask for.

2. Being a great parent like yourself takes a lot of responsibility! As a young parent, were there any financial responsibilities that surprised you or were more difficult than you anticipated? If so, how did you overcome the difficulty?

The only thing that was really a surprise was the cost of daycare. With the help of my amazing wife working nights so that she could be with the kids and the help of friends and family, we made it.

As I have looked back in time, the numbers do not add up. Sending three kids to a private Christian school on what we made was not possible. There was only one answer – our faith in God. Even when we wondered how we were going to pay bills, we always gave our tithe. I have many stories of how God took care of us.

(As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the financial sacrifices my parents made for us. THANK YOU.)

3. We have all experienced successes and failures. What is the financial success or decision you are most proud of?

Tithing and being willing to help others when possible. I have helped someone before and unknowingly years later, I was surprised to have that person bring business to me that I normally wouldn’t have gotten. It would always happen when we were in greatest need.

Mostly our theory was, no money, no buy. I know it wasn’t proper, but I did not have a budget written down. I was good at numbers in my head. I always knew my numbers.

(It’s alright, Dad. I don’t have a typical “budget” either.)

4. How did your family view money when you were growing up? Did you talk about money?

What do I remember what was said about money? “We don’t have any.”

What do I remember what was said about money? “We don’t have any.” Share on X

My mother raised us without any financial support – just her job where she worked very hard for us.

I did not realize that we were “dirt poor.”  I learned if I wanted something, I would have to work for it. I would glean fields and pull the ears of corn to the mill with my bike and an old red wagon.

I remember one time when I was young, I asked Mom for an allowance saying, “Everyone in my class gets an allowance and I think I should too.” This was probably my best lesson. Mom could not afford it, but we made a deal. I would get $3 a week, BUT I would have to pay for my school books, school lunch, clothes, etc. I was kind of ignorant. It took me a month to learn my lesson.

And I asked to be let out of my contract…

(Knowing my grandmother, this is totally something she would do! I admire her clever way of teaching a valuable life lesson.)

5. What is an important life lesson you learned that you would like your children to always remember and learn from too?

  • Live your life so that people see Christ in you.
  • Family is so important.
  • The 11th commandment of “love thy sister” JK…

(My sisters and I fought A LOT – But I certainly do love my sisters. #BestiesForLife)

6. A genie gave you a million dollars. However, you must spend it in one day or it disappears! You can keep what you buy forever. What would you buy?

I would buy a hide away property where I could get away and unwind. We can spend time as a growing family.

(I love how both my mom and dad just want a place to enjoy time with our family <3)


As I read these answers from my dad, I thought about how he is sure to leave the world around him in a better place than how he found it.

That was always my dad’s motto if we borrowed something from someone. Always return the item cleaner and in better shape than when it was given to you.

May we all be reminded to love those around us, to work hard, to have faith, and to leave the world better than we found it.

May we all be reminded to love those around us, to work hard, to have faith, and to leave the world better than we found it. Share on X