My Finance Blog Journey:

Blogs That Flopped vs. Blogs That Rocked 


I was reflecting as 2023 came to an end, and looking back at the 160+ finance blogs I have written over the last 4 years. Some of them I nailed. Either the timing was great, my thesis proved true, or they were very well received.  

Others, however, I look back on and think I would write differently given the chance. 


Blogs That Rocked:


1. What Goes Up Must Come Down 

“Year-to-date, the S&P 500 is up 26%. If you want to make a change towards conservatism, the best time to do it is during a strong market. You DO NOT want to sell equities after the volatility has already come.” 

The market peaked just two months later before an extended bear market.  

Now if that isn’t good timing… I don’t know what is. 

2. 4 Reasons to Use a 529 Account for Education Savings 

Some people pushed back on this conversation, as a 529 is simply “too restrictive.” However, since this blog was released, SECURE Act 2.0 was passed giving even more flexibility to 529s.  

I am so glad I recommended them, and I still back my recommendation! 

3. 2 BIG Reasons to Consider Refinancing 

Multiple people told me that they refinanced their mortgages because of this certain blog of mine, and saved themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars together.  

Interest rates blew up just a couple of years later, so it really was a stellar time! 

4. Is the Stock Market Risky? 

Since I wrote this, the S&P has grown 50% while inflation has skyrocketed.  

Proved my point. 

5. How to Tithe in Retirement 

I really did not expect this blog to be a popular one, as it was written for a very narrow audience with incredibly specific views.  

However, to this day, it remains my most read blog of all time. 

6. 5 Tips on Financial Preparing for a Baby 

I know that I nailed this blog because since the time it was published, I had, not one, but two babies.  

I followed my own advice on preparing, and we felt a really smooth financial transition in our family!  

The lack of sleep transition was a different story… Too bad you can’t store up rest in an emergency fund.  

7. Should I Invest in Cryptocurrency? 

I told you not to buy a lot of cryptocurrencies.  

Readers: Google what happened to crypto in the last 2 years, and you will see why that was good advice. 


Blogs That Flopped:


1. Why the Government Wants Inflation 

And I quote… “Inflation is painted as a villain. I think it’s actually the misunderstood stepsister in the Disney princess story.  You know, the one that ends up not being mean and horrible in the end after all. If the misguided and misunderstood stepsister wasn’t bossed around by the true villain of debt, she would be beloved and cherished by all.”  

After experiencing the highest inflation of my lifetime…. I changed my mind 😀  

Inflation is the villain as well! 

2. Inflation: The Good, the Bad, and the Dangerous  

When I wrote this blog, I thought that with a couple little interest rate hikes, the inflation problem would be fixed! Inflation was 4.5%, and I thought could be easily taken under control. 

I had no idea how resilient the average consumer was at this time, and how they would keep spending no matter how much rates hiked.  

3. Leaders are Readers: 5 Books for 2022 

Historically, I had made a short book list and reported back on my thoughts on the books at the end of the year. I did this in 2022 as well. I had always been a dedicated and disciplined reader.  

Y’all – I overestimated myself.  

I have a slew of excuses, but I only read 2 of the 5 books on this list. Yikes.  

To make it worst, I never admitted it. I just ignored the fact that I ever wrote this blog until this very moment. 

4. What Should You Do When You Win the Lottery? 

Well… no one won the $1.1 billion Mega Millions… so, flop.  

I had hoped the winner would become a client of mine, but alas, that did not happen. 

5. Why I Support Homeownership Over Renting  

While I do, in general, still support homeownership over renting, I wrote this blog in a completely different era than we live in today.  

Today, I would write this blog much differently. Knowing the pain that young consumers face today over high interest rates, increased home prices, and lack of homes on the market makes me much less likely to recommend purchasing one in many circumstances.  

I think I oversimplified this topic… 


Well, if you find any other blogs that flopped, feel free to remind me. 😉  

Thanks for reading through the years! I hope to bring you a lot more winners in 2024!  


Note: Let me know if you want my current take on any other finance-related topics – You can send me a message on the contact tab!