My Tips on Surviving This Bear Market

We thought 2020 was a wild year… then 2021 seemed equally crazy. For many people, 2022 is shaping up to be a memorable year as well (but not the best reasons).  

I say this because… 

1.) Stocks entered a bear market.

2.) Bonds had record breaking volatility. 

3.) Inflation is the highest it’s been since the 1970s.  

It is for these reasons that I want to remind you why people invest and direct you towards some recent articles that provide you with direction, opportunity, and peace of mind.  

Revisit these helpful articles & tips if you find yourself needing a push to survive this bear market. 

1.) Don’t Panic 

This article remind you of all the reasons to stay calm and carry on. I had numerous people comment that it was just what they needed to read during the worst of the bear market! 

 2.) Harvesting Losses – Making Lemonade out of Lemons  

I take the opportunity to remind you of a tax planning strategy that generally only presents itself during lemony years like this. The market has had strong recovery over the last month, so it is important to talk to your advisor about this opportunity now. 

 3.) Tips on Succeeding at your Job 

I wrote this article because I want you to focus on what you can control… your most powerful wealth building tool! No, I’m not talking about your portfolio. I’m talking about you, and your ability to succeed. 

4.) Simple Way to Make Progress in a Bear Market 

This article’s title is self-explanatory. There are ways to move forward even when your portfolio is lagging. Don’t let negative returns hamper your progress towards legacy creation! 


It’s easy to invest in the 3 out of every 4 years that have a positive return. It’s harder to stick with it in those years that don’t. If you think your investment plan needs revisited, talk to your financial advisor to ensure they are actively monitoring your plan and investing you in a way that is right for YOU.