Why Financial Advisors Want You to Talk About Yourself


While I can get myself on financial planning rants on occasion, I really aim to have my clients do a lot of the talking during meetings.  

Nothing brings me more joy than when a client is sharing a story about a vacation they took or what the first thing they plan to do after retirement is. On occasion, however, when a client has finished talking, they apologize for “taking up so much of our time.” I never feel like it’s a waste of my time. In fact, the more you talk about yourself, the better-quality service you are likely to get.


To be an excellent advisor for you, I need to understand what it is that you value and what it is you fear.

Here’s the problem though…  Most people I talk to cannot verbalize those things if prompted. It does however, naturally come out in conversation, whether people realize it or not.

So, if it seems like I’m just trying to get you talking – I am! 

If you are a tough nut to crack, I might refer you to talk to our Life Coach, Scott Miller, so he can help pinpoint your values, goals, and purpose.

As an advisor, I work so hard to make you the perfect financial plan or achieve amazing portfolio returns. However, I know that will never be enough to bring financial peace. People are only at true peace if they are living a life that is aligned with their values. That is why I so desperately want to understand your values… so I can help you find financial alignment. Because whether you like it or not, what you spend your money on is a reflection of what you value. 

I work with clients going through all kinds of transitions like death of spouse, retirement, inheritance, or divorce. While I have worked with dozens of clients in these situations, I have actually never experienced them in my own life. That is why I so greatly value our Refocus Coaching service. It really does help fill in the gaps.

All of this to say – I really want to understand you. I want to encourage you to do the hard work to understand yourself too! It’s easy to let the quiet moments of our days get filled up with screens, podcasts, or chores. This holiday season, I encourage you to reflect on what is that makes you tick and identify what changes need to happen in your life to live aligned with your values…. And then tell me about it! 

If you need a little help with this process, let me know that too, because I would love to connect you with our Refocus Coach!