I have worked with a WIDE array of clients over the years. Many are AMAZING people – kind, sophisticated, generous, and intelligent. I feel like they should be advising me!

Truly, I interact with some of my clients and think, “Yeah… I want to be like that!”

Finances can be stressful, so I really admire when they can rise above it all and valuably participate in a productive meeting.

So, here are a few real qualities and actions of the clients I admire most:


1. I admire clients without big portfolios.

Sometimes a small portfolio means you didn’t work hard at saving. Other times, a small portfolio means that you came from adversity, worked extremely hard, educated 5 children, and still managed to save enough to retire at 60 if you can make a few more sacrifices.

I admire clients with a $500,000 portfolio who scrimped by and saved for decades more than someone with $5,000,000 who doesn’t appreciate it.

2. I admire clients who are vulnerable.

Clients don’t always know us very well at first. It’s definitely not easy to open up your life to near strangers. I admire the clients who are willing to be real with us and allow us to see and address their financial weaknesses. Need some help in this area? Read THIS.

3. I admire the clients who stick to the plan.

Investing can be scary. Some people deviate from their plans and goals out of fear. Then there are clients who admirably stay calm, stay focused, trust our advice, and stay the course. They don’t make the big mistakes.

4. I admire clients who know what they want.

My job is to help clients achieve their financial goals. I CANNOT set those goals for them. Some clients sit in front of me with the hard mental work already done. They examined their goals, values, and desires. They know what they want, and I love it.

5. I admire clients who take care of themselves.

There are a few retired clients who are just killing it. They make retirement look fun, interesting, and super appealing. Interestingly, these clients are fit, socially active, and live a well-balanced lifestyle. I know it takes real effort to invest in your own health (it’s not easy), so I really admire those who do. Their lives are obviously better off for it.

6. I admire long-term spouses who fully allow their partner to speak and question.

Financial discussions can cause tension, so I really admire when couples respect and listen to one another.

On rare occasion, I have also experienced the opposite, where a partner is “shushed.” Please don’t do that. Trust me when I say that I can tell your partner was embarrassed that you shushed them in front of me.


If the adage is true that you become like who you spend time with, I’m one lucky gal. I am surrounded by clients who inspire me on a regular basis. So, if you work me with and are reading this, THANK YOU. I love learning from you, and I appreciate your trust and willingness to learn from me too.