My Top 3 Holiday Financial Planning Tips


I love the holiday season—the decorations, family gatherings, delicious food, gift-giving, and celebrating the birth of Christ. It’s also an incredibly busy time for both financial advisors and clients. I thought I would compile all of my best year-end and holiday financial planning tips in one place for you, as a one-stop-shop! 


Tip #1: Utilize My Year-End Financial Planning Tips! 

If you like to cross your T’s and dot your I’s with your financial planning and investment management – give this article a read.

I have a feeling you will learn something new!


Tip #2: Be Sure to Use the Financially Friendly Gift Giving Guide! 

To be honest, implementing most of these tips at this stage in the shopping game might be a bit late… but there’s always next year! If you’re short on time, here are my top 4 tips: 

  • Save ahead and spend only what you’ve saved! 
  • Avoid shopping with your credit card. 
  • Start your shopping early. 
  • Explore a new family gift exchange system. 

If you want your favorite charities to get the best bang for your buck when you give, be sure to check out my blog that answers: Are Your Charitable Gifts Giving You the Best Tax Benefit? 


Tip #3: Please, Please, Please… SHOP LOCAL!  

The local gifts might not come with Amazon’s cheapest price tag, but they’re an investment. You’re investing in superior quality for your gifts and in nurturing your community. None of us want our downtowns to decay. We all yearn for vibrant, thriving communities, and that demands your support! 


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