Passive-aggressiveness is all the rage right now. Across social media, I see funny memes joking about how cute and unique we are for being passive-aggressive, anxiety ridden, and lazy. We might as well scream to the world, “LOL my life is falling apart. Instead of doing something about it, I’m making a joke about my life to make myself feel better, accepted, and just like everyone else.”

Personally, I think our lives are way too important and short to make a joke of them.

I see the “passive” part of passive-aggressive everywhere. Daily, I see people passively letting life happen to them. Then they make their passive-aggressive jokes to validate their decisions (or lack of them).

What I don’t see is the aggressive part. You know, people actively making things happen for themselves.

I do believe in divine influence. I believe God has purposes for our lives that will be enacted regardless of our shortcomings. Additionally, I believe we are given the free will and ability to make decisions in our lives: decisions that can lead to rich relational, spiritual, and financial legacy.


Relational Passivity to Passionate Relationship Building

I’m speaking to myself more than any of you on this topic. If there is ONE THING to invest in first and foremost, it isn’t stocks. It’s not cryptocurrency. It’s relationships.

Satisfying relationships not only make people happy, but they are also associated with better health and even longer life.”

Healthy relationships give us hope and fulfillment. Why do we scroll through Pinterest instead of crafting with our elderly neighbor? Why do we watch Netflix alone instead of calling up a friend and asking her to come binge with us? Because those things require a little planning… a little effort.

Don’t let your relationships passively drift along, being sustained only by a text here and there. Put real effort into relationship building. I’m challenging you (and myself) to stop doing so many things alone. A simple 30-minute visit or errand run with a friend can go a long way while mutually enhancing your happiness.

Next time you feel a little alone, try and find the willpower to go and make someone else feel not so alone. It just might help you too.

Next time you feel a little alone, try and find the willpower to go and make someone else feel not so alone. It just might help you too. Share on X

Personal Passivity to Passionate Growth

This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson sums up a lot:

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Your life is defined by your decisions. Did you wake up this morning and decide to coast through the day, just like yesterday? That was a decision. You decided to be the exact same person you were yesterday.  You might dream of a successful future where you are poised, disciplined, wealthy, and carefree. But did you actively make any decisions today to get you closer to that dream?

No one is going to keep you accountable to your unspoken dreams except yourself. Decide who you want to be and passionately work to get there.


Financial Passivity to Aggressive Legacy Building

Do you know what your money will do if left untouched? Nothing.

Money is a tool. Much like a hammer, it can build something impressive. The hammer needs wielded with a bit of aggressive force though. Left to sit unguided, it will build nothing.

So how do you use your finances to aggressively build a financial legacy?

1. Learn to budget

2. Learn to invest

Understand the power of compounding.

Take advantage of dollar-cost averaging.

Understand common investing mistakes.

3. Understand how to protect your wealth and future

4. Understand how to give (a great part of legacy building!)


There is a lot more to it, but that is a good start. Download my free financial planning checklist to see other areas of your financial life that might need attention.


Moments become days. Days become years. Years flitter by regardless of how desperately we hold onto them. Don’t let the years passively slip by. Passionately take control of your life and aggressively pursue real growth!