There is one unfortunate soul who has to claim the responsibility of being my boss… that person is Joshua Robb. There are two other men who could also technically claim that title (Adam Zuercher and Tony Hixon)… and you know what… my husband sits at a desk about 10 feet from me, so make that three.

Josh is a partner at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management, the Director of Financial Planning, and the Chief Compliance Officer. I joke that as Chief Compliance Offer, he gets to be the one to go away in handcuffs if we did something illegal.

Josh is one of the more thorough financial planners I know, cares a lot about what he does, and is an endless well of knowledge. I thought you all might benefit from having him answer a few questions.

1) What does your day to day look like as a wealth advisor and Director of Financial Planning at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management?

One thing that I love about my job is that each day is different. I get the opportunity to help families develop financial goals and set a plan in place to reach those goals. This is a team effort, and part of my role is to make sure our team of advisors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to best help our clients. I love coming up with solutions, and that is what I get to do each day. Also, as a compliance person, I am responsible to monitor our team to make sure we are following the ever-changing regulations in our industry.

2) If you could only give one piece of financial advice for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Set up a plan and stick with it! One of the biggest mistakes I see is people investing without a plan and jumping from one investment to another. It is hard to know if you are investing correctly if you do not know what the purpose is for that money. It is easier to stick with your investments during volatility if you know why you have them to begin with.

3) In your experience, what is the most forgotten piece of the financial planning puzzle?

I think it is passing on what you learned to the next generation. Many families want to leave a legacy, but without the next generation understanding the hard work that went into gaining the wealth and what your vision was for passing it on, it can be easy for the next generation to undervalue it. As a result, we see wealth quickly disappear when it is passed from one generation to another.  There is a lot of value in sharing what you learned from mistakes to help your kids avoid making the same mistakes in their lives.

4) You’ve been hosting The Invested Dad’s Podcast for two years now – can you clue us in on any exciting topics or guest hosts coming soon?

We are always keeping our ears open for topics that our listeners are interested in. We do plan on talking about estate planning soon.  I hope to hit on the idea of passing on the knowledge, not just assets when planning for your legacy.  Also, we love doing our 2nd half stock draft each year.

(If you were following along with their last stock picking competition, make sure you listen to Your Stock Draft Winner episode to hear all about the last winner.)


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